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Accutron Instruments Inc.
Mine and industrial ventilation monitoring with vent-on-demand

Established in 1993 in response to needs of the underground mining community, Accutron Instruments is a leading supplier of airflow monitoring devices for all ventilation-dependent industries. This same zest for problem-solving has led to further product development, including air quality monitoring systems, laser-based process measurement units, and data network enhancement devices such as CommTRAX Port Forwarding Protocol Translators. Accutron’s ultrasonic technology continues to be the most-effective and reliable solution for continuous monitoring of air movement in mines, tunnels and other industrial venues. Non-obstructive and virtually maintenance-free, these monitors are the basis for today’s vent-on-demand systems, which have saved millions at facilities worldwide. As Canadian distributors for Trolex gas detectors, and along with its own popular CLIMATRAXTM multi-variable environmental monitor, Accutron also bundles these devices to offer total air quality monitoring systems. Rounding out the lineup is the ILR laser-based process measurement device used in level monitoring and object positioning.

Ray Charron, Regional Sales Manager
Christian Lanas, Sales Manager
Address: 11 Mary Street, Unit B
Sudbury, Ontario
P3C 1B4 Canada
Phone: 1-705-682-0814
Phone: Mobile: 1-705-929-9297

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