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CAMESE - Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
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PROMAT Engineering Sales (2003) Inc.
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PROMAT is dedicated to providing full service with its heavy-duty sector focused on custom bulk material handling equipment and systems for the cement, steel and mining industries. PROMAT offers a full line of superior material handling products, integrated into complete system designs, ranging from dust-free retractable loading spouts to silo discharging and process feeding systems. Specializing in customized Quicklime slaking systems to produce excellent lime slurries, and in unsurpassed flocculent wetting systems, PROMAT systems typically include silos or bulk bag unloaders, patented wetting and slaking components, and dedicated pumping systems, all backed by proven design, equipment field service, and equipment installation supervision and commissioning. To provide highest quality customer service and support, PROMAT maintains a fully computerized engineering department that leverages the most current technologies, communicating accurate designs that ensure a smooth, seamless integration of PROMAT expertise into your important global projects while meeting all of your application needs.

David Lewis, President
Address: 6790 Kitimat Road, Unit 2
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 5L9 Canada
Phone: 1-905-567-7819
Phone Toll Free: 1-877-567-7819
Fax: 1-905-567-6145

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