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Arva Industries Inc.
Quality heavy machinery that improves productivity and safety

Arva Industries Inc. is an engineering company manufacturing robust, underground mining machines. Specializing in operating underground in the maintenance and safety markets, its vehicles feature a rugged, purpose-built design. Ranging in size from 10 to 25 tons, ARVA’s underground mining cranes upgrade mining practices and drive capital cost reductions. With large lift capacities at low boom angles to facilitate maximum utility underground, one ARVA crane replaces many and creates an excellent value proposition. Utility vehicles come with air suspension on a four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer chassis for multiple applications, including vehicles for mechanics, water and lubrication. The latest design is a belt service vehicle – a safe, fast tool developed for conveyor belt roller maintenance that saves time and money. ARVA works with its customers to maximize efficiency and value. Let ARVA design and build what you need in your applications. Its machines are “built to order, built to last.

Wayne O'Shell, Sales Representative, Rail & Mining
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St. Thomas, Ontario
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Phone: 1-519-637-1855
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