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CAMESE - Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
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Polar Mobility Research Ltd.
HVAC systems for extreme climates and hazardous environments

Polar Mobility Research Ltd. is your heating, cooling and clean air solutions provider for mobile equipment. For complete cab comfort, use Polar Quality Cabin Air Systems to reduce operator exposure to harmful particulates. For equipment working in a high temperature or corrosive atmosphere, or if you need an HVAC system that can handle fluctuating 50/60 Hz voltages, use Polar Vortex. Need a non-explosive air conditioning solution? Choose a product from the Polar FH Series. Looking to increase the air filter life for your equipment? Choose Sy-Klone Technologies. Looking for mobile heating solutions? Turn to Polar fuel-fired heating solutions. Need air-conditioning for a machine with installation and system mounting issues or a small to medium transport refrigeration system? Polar has it, so call Polar today or check out the website listed below.

Ian Duiven, Canadian & International Sales
Address: 7860 62nd Street SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 5K2 Canada
Phone: 1-403-279-3633
Phone Toll Free: 1-800-309-8155
Fax: 1-403-236-2759

Heating & Cooling Equipment, Portable
Surface Mobile Equipment & Components
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DigAire air conditioner
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 : Surface Mining
 : Surface Mining : Ancillary Vehicles
 : Surface Mining : Ancillary Vehicles : Crawlers and Wheeled Dozers
 : Surface Mining : Ancillary Vehicles : Graders
 : Surface Mining : Ancillary Vehicles : Rough-Terrain Forklifts
 : Surface Mining : Haulage Vehicles : Off-highway trucks
 : Surface Mining : Hydraulic Components
 : Surface Mining : Opencast and Open Pit Mining Excavators : Continuous Surface Miners
 : Surface Mining : Opencast and Open Pit Mining Excavators : Draglines
 : Surface Mining : Opencast and Open Pit Mining Excavators : Hyrdaulic Excavators
 : Surface Mining : Opencast and Open Pit Mining Excavators : Mining Shovels; Electric
 : Surface Mining : Opencast and Open Pit Mining Excavators : Wheel Loaders; Parts & Components
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Anfo loaders
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Articulated Dump Trucks
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Crane Trucks
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Flat Decks
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Fuel Lube Trucks
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Personnel Carriers
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Rough-Terrain Forklifts
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Scalers
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Scissor Lifts
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Underground Graders
 : Underground Mining : Underground Vehicles : Utility Vehicles
 : Underground Mining : Ventilation : Air Conditioning

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