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Precisioneering DKG Corp.
Precision-engineered, corrosion-proof fiberglass products for mineral processing

Precisioneering DKG Corp. designs and manufactures corrosion-resistant, engineered fiberglass equipment. Standard products include fiberglass pollution-control scrubbers, ventilation systems (fans, ducting and stacks), tanks, brine makers, grating, platforms, walkways and ladders. Customers continually challenge Precisioneering with their most difficult process-engineering problems because they have learned that Precisioneering's results are innovative, cost effective and long lasting. They also find the company to be flexible, responsive, and highly reliable in meeting deadlines. Precisioneering has successfully supplied the mining industry in North America since 1964. The company's five engineers have more than 100 years of combined engineering experience in the mining industry. A dedicated quality control manager maintains tightly controlled, documented, quality systems, while a stable, long-term workforce ensures high-quality fabrication. Precisioneering is part of Group DKG, a rapidly growing global fiberglass equipment manufacturer with plants in the U.S. and Canada.

David Wolf, Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Address: 303 Nantucket Boulevard
Scarborough, Ontario
M1P 2P2 Canada
Phone: 1-416-751-9200
Fax: 1-416-751-9382

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