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Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc.
Experts in geospatial solutions for the mining industry

For 25 years, Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc. has been designing, developing and implementing geospatial solutions and providing consulting services that harness the power of geotechnologies, including stereoscopic satellite imagery, GPS, geographic information systems and location-based services. Effigis’ group of geoscientists offers a unique counter for mining solutions ranging from grassroots exploration to mine-site exploitation. Effigis assists you in getting maximum benefits from all available sources of satellite imagery and geoscience data for your area of interest, regardless of its location. Using state-of-the-art technologies that combine digital-image analysis, DEM generation, data fusion and data modeling, Effigis’ services include alteration mapping, structural mapping, mineral potential assessment and environmental monitoring. By targeting the most favorable areas for exploration and supporting EIA related to mine-site operations, Effigis helps reduce your field investigation costs. Benefits include lower financial risks, faster ore-deposit discovery and support in your SD commitments.

Michel Rheault, Vice President, Business Development in Earth Observation
Mining, Oil & Gas Sector
Address: 4101 Molson Street, Suite 400
Montreal, Quebec
H1Y 3L1 Canada
Phone: 1-514-495-6500
Fax: 1-514-495-4191

Mapping Services
Product Trademarks or Brand Names
StereoSAT -- creates 3-D satelite images
Landsat -- satellite imagery
SPOT -- satellite imagery
WorldView-3, 2 & 1 -- satellite imagery
GeoEye-1 -- satellite imagery
QuickBird -- satellite imagery
IKONOS -- satellite imagery
ALOS -- satellite imagery
RADARSAT -- satellite imagery
ENVISAT -- satellite imagery
TerraSAR-X -- satellite imagery
RapidEye -- satellite imagery
Pléiades 1A & 1B
SkySat 2 & 1
Sentinel 1A & 1B
Products, Services and Technologies

 : Environment : Engineered Solutions
 : Environment : Environmental Mapping
 : Exploration : Aerial Mapping Services : Photogrammetry
 : Exploration : Geological Consulting
 : Exploration : Geological Surveying : Airborne Services
 : General : 3D Vision Technology
 : General : GPS Systems
 : General : Lithostructural Maps
 : General : Photogrammetry
 : General : Satellite Images

Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export
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